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Media NGOs Disapprove the Statements of the Minister of Internal Affairs on Restricting the Access of the Journalist Vadim Ungureanu to MIA Events
Media NGOs disapprove of the request of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Andrei Nastase, to restrict the access of the journalist Vadim Ungureanu to the press conferences of the General Police Inspectorate (GPI), on the ground that the latter would...
A New Fund Aiming to Promote Global Free Press
On the 10th of July the British Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, announced the creation of a new fund to support and train journalists.
Metropolitan Police is blamed for limiting press freedom
A warning from Scotland Yard following publication of leaks has sparked off indignation from journalists and politicians, according to The Guardian.
Like in Silvia Radu’s Days. The New Acting Mayor of the Capital City Banned the Journalists from Attending the Public Meetings of the Mayoralty
The acting Mayor General of the capital city, Adrian Talmaci, said that the Mayoralty’s sessions, which were usually held every Monday, would continue, but without media being present, writes.
Is Plahotniuc’s Holding in the Kroll 2 Report? Which Media Companies are Included in the List of Beneficiaries of the ‘Stolen Billion’
The companies affiliated or belonging to the former Chair of the Democratic Party, Vladimir Plahotniuc, are on the list of beneficiaries of the money laundered from the Republic of Moldova’s banking system. The leader of ‘Partidul Nostru’, Renato...


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