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MediaRing with Her Excellency, Ms. Signe Burgstaller, Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Moldova
Media Azi: - Your Excellency, starting from the assertion that free press is the watchdog of a society, what was and what is the role of the Swedish media in securing the democracy in your country?
Media Azi Broadcast, 26th Edition: Who Restricts the Access of the Press to the Courts?
The journalist Ivan Sveatcenco and his guest, the lawyer Pavel Midrigan, discussed in the 26th edition of Media Azi show about the regulations of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), which contained restrictive provisions concerning the mass-...
To What Extent Is the Press Credible? Lycee Pupils from Telenesti Ask
A new media education lesson, conducted on 23rd of November at “Adrian Paunescu” Theoretic Lycee of Cazanesti, district of Telenesti, involved the pupils in constructive discussions about the press. This time, the about 50 young people who met the...
The Media Failed the Professional Maturity Test in the Election Campaign
The Independent Journalism Centre and the Association of Independent Press launched on Friday, 25th of November, a final report on media monitoring during the election campaign. Both the quantitative and the qualitative findings have been presented...
The Right to Broadcast Advertising Suspended by the BCC for Several TV Stations that Committed Serious Infringements When Covering the Election Campaign
The Broadcasting Coordinating Council (BCC) has toughened the sanctions against the broadcasters that continued to infringe the broadcasting legislation and the deontological and journalistic rules, when covering the election campaign. At BCC’s...


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