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SCJ obliged Orhei Mayoralty to provide Orhei Radio Station with Information on the Organization of a Tender requested as early as in 2017
A new case of restricting the access to information by the authorities was examined in the court. The Supreme Court of Justice (‘SCJ’), by its judgement of 13 March 2019 ruled in favour of Orhei Radio station in the case against Orhei Mayoralty,...
We condemn the practices of restricting the access of TV8 to the PDM briefing and attempts to divide the journalists
Media NGOs condemn the repeated prohibition by the Democratic Party of TV8 journalists to participate in the events of this political party, and urge the DP leadership to abandon the practices of selective admission of media outlets to the actions...
BC Acting as a Professor: The Council Will Monitor the Compliance With the Linguistic Correctness by Many TV Stations
The Broadcasting Council (BC) will monitor, during March-April 2019, the linguistic correctness of 13 TV stations. A decision in this respect was taken at the meeting of 5 March, which was unanimously supported by the nine members of the Council....
Final Report on Media Monitoring During the Election Campaign: Fake News Have not Disappeared from the Media Landscape, while ‘Many Bad Things’ Still Happen Online
There were fake news during the February 2019 election campaign as well, however less than in other election campaigns. What remained unchanged though, was favoring or disfavoring some political actors by certain media. In addition, the sanctions...
Non-Governmental Organisations Find Yet Fewer Results in the Implementation of the EU-RM Association Agreement in the Civil Society and Media Matters
The Shadow Report on Carrying out the National Action Plan for the Implementation of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement launched on 11 March in Chisinau, indicates certain involutions in such areas as civil society and the media registered in 2018.


Media Monitoring in the Campaign for 2019 Parliamentary Elections (Final report, 9 January - 24 February 2019)
Media Monitoring in the Campaign for 2019 Parliamentary Elections (Report no. 5, 17 - 24 February 2019)
Media Monitoring in the Campaign for 2019 Parliamentary Elections (Report no. 4, 9 - 16 February 2019)


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