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Public call. Regarding the disposition issued by the president of the Audiovisual Council
Media NGOs and the members of the National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum express their concern regarding the disposition issued on the 25th of March by the president of the Audiovisual Council, Dragos VICOL, in the context...
Media NGOs Call for the Elimination of Abuse during the State of Emergency
Media NGOs request the Moldovan authorities not to allow abuse against the freedom of expression and not to apply disproportionate restrictions, justified by the special conditions of the state of emergency.
(DOC) SIS Ordered to Block 52 Anonymous Sites that Allegedly Disseminate Fake News About Covid-19
On 19 March, the Security and Intelligence Service (SIS) ordered to block 52 anonymous sites that allegedly disseminate fake news about the coronavirus pandemic. The document signed by the SIS Director, Alexandru Saulenco, states that the measures...
Kirill Artemenko from ‘Бумага’ Portal: A Media Outlet Can Only Increase its Audience if it Considers the Information Needs of the Public
How do we create good quality and creative content? How do we get to know our audience and how do we meet the information needs of the public? What does native advertising mean and how can it be integrated into the editorial content without...


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