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IJC Organised the First Media Education Training for High School Teachers
Starting with the 2019-2020 academic year, Moldovan high school students have the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills during the ‘Media Education’ elective course. After the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research approved the...
Canal 2 Owner Renounces the National Frequency, Invoking ‘Pressure’ from the Authorities
The Telestar Media company, which has broadcast licenses for Canal 2 and Canal 3 TV channels, announced on Tuesday, 17 September, via a press release, that renounced the national frequency on which Canal 2 broadcast. The pressures from the state...
Vladimir Novosadiuc, General Director of Sputnik Moldova, Accused of Fraud and Money Laundering Through Ilan Sor’s Structures
Vladimir Novosadiuc, Director of ‘Sputnik Moldova’ News Agency, was accused of fraud and money laundering in the ‘stolen billion’ case through Ilan Sor’s structures, according to the law enforcement bodies. The journalist informed Russian RIA...
Media Azi: Journalists’ Access to the Databases – Between Public Interest and High Fees
The registers with information on companies or real estate are key tools for journalists, when they want to document their material, especially in cases of corruption. However, the access to such data is impossible without paying certain state fees...
​Adopt the Law on Advertising and Reform the Broadcasting Council. What else Does the Agreement Between PSRM and ACUM Provides as Regards Media
Demonopolise the advertising market, including by adopting the Law on Advertising, and reform the broadcasting regulator – these and other provisions one can find in the Agreement signed on 16 September by the Socialist Party and ACUM bloc.


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