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IJC Report: Several Moldovan media institutions present the facts selectively, resort to manipulations and use discriminating language
Four out of the eleven media institutions monitored during April and May 2017 proved to bias when writing news, expressing support for a particular [political] party in the text; exaggerated facts and distorted the sources' messages by truncating...
We Condemn Aggressive Behaviour of The People, Who Attacked The Press Photographer of Jurnal de Chisinau
Non-governmental media organizations classify the actions of aggression of a shop owner from Ciocana towards the press photographer of Jurnal de Chisinau, who had take a picture of a product, as inadmissible.
Personal Data Protection through Depersonalization of Court Rulings again Topical
After several journalists have criticized the depersonalization of court rulings, stating that such actions had the consequence of limiting access to the data of public interest, at the initiative of the Ministry of Justice, a working group was...
„Moldova Sport“ Reorganizes into „Impact TV“
The TV station „Moldova Sport“ transforms into the general profile station „Impact TV“, after having gone through several difficult financial periods. The new owner is the politician Marcel Darie, the leader of the party „Frontul Salvării Moldovei...
„Media Azi” Broadcast, Edition 46: Trolls Manipulate and Mislead Us. How to Identify Them?
There are different definitions for trolls. Some call them „media hooligans“, others call them „mercenaries“, who spread denigrating, provocative or false information, seeking to denigrate ones or whitewash others, be it political forces, ideologies...


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