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How journalists can avoid being manipulated by trolls seeking to spread disinformation
Patrick Butler To fight the spread of disinformation through the media, journalists and their allies need to understand the tactics of the trolls who willfully promote those lies, said Joan Donovan, the project lead on media manipulation at Data...
An Appeal to the Media about the Necessity of Fair and Impartial Coverage of the Second Round of the New Local Elections Campaign
Reports on monitoring media during the election campaign suggest that a large number of media outlets failed to ensure a diversity of opinions, either favoring or disfavoring certain election candidates. While promoting the candidates’ party...
Press Freedom Days: Local Media Looking for Survival Solutions
Public authorities should pay more attention to the issues of local media and develop sustainable public policies in this regard. These and other topics were discussed at the ‘Mass-media locale: Quo Vadis?’ (Local Media: Quo Vadis?) Conference...
The BCC did not look into several notifications requesting the monitoring of Prime TV, Canal 2 and Publika TV
The Broadcasting Coordination Council (BCC), which had a meeting on Thursday, May 17, overlooked several requests to monitor the channels that stated they would not reflect the current election campaign happening in Chisinau. Olga Guţuţui, member of...
Fines of MDL 40,000 for two distributors that violated the ‘anti-propaganda’ law
At the meeting of the May 17, the Broadcasting Coordination Council (BCC) penalized two service distributors by applying them a fine of MDL 40,000 for rebroadcasting some TV channels that are prohibited by the legislation in force.


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