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Media NGOs: ‘We inform the embassies and international media outlets that the number of cases of assaults against journalists multiplied in the Republic of Moldova’
Media NGOs condemn the assaults, intimidations and violent actions against journalists during the events of 7-9 June 2019 provoked by the participants in the protests organised at Chisinau by the Democratic Party of Moldova. During those three days, several media outlets... more
Media NGOs Condemn the Intimidations of a Private Company Against the Reporter Julieta Savitchi from CIJM
Media NGOs condemn the assaults, threats and intimidations of the manager SC ‘Rapid Link’ SRL against the journalist Julieta Savitchi, the author of the investigation... more
The Security of Moldovan Journalists, Between the Authorities’ Failure to React and Guild’s Solidarisation
According to national studies on the Freedom of the Press in the Republic of Moldova, Moldovan journalists’ security has dramatically regressed over the last two years. A number of cases prove this situation: more and more often, reporters say they are simply not allowed to do... more
Russian Media Expert: The Greatest Challenge for Journalists – to Say a Lot in Few Words
‘Although everything is constantly changing, the essence of journalism still resides in quality content, which will always be on the first place. Concurrently, nowadays journalism needs new formats and tools to keep readers’ attention, for which the competition is harsh’, the... more
Media Azi: Moldovan Press Status – Where Were We and Where Are We Now
In 2018, Moldovan media worked and developed in critical conditions, as the shown by the 2018 Moldovan Press Status Index developed by the Independent Journalism Center. Of the seven indicators assessing the status of Moldovan media, one denotes an extremely critical situation,... more
How to Increase Online Audience and Strengthen Financial Independence? Recommendations of the Expert Evgheni Gladin
Why is it important to produce quality content and why each editorial office should keep an eye on analytics?
Representatives of the six media outlets, who reached stage II of the small grants competition under the ‘Understanding Audience Through Digital Assistance’... more
Media Azi: False News and the Online in the New Code of Ethics for Moldovan Journalists
The Press Council will present a new Code of Ethics for Moldovan journalists on 3 May 2019. By that time representatives of civil society and a number of journalists will discuss the proposed amendments and addenda within three rounds. For instance, the document will contain... more