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Media Do not Pay Attention to Minorities in the Republic of Moldova. Conclusions and Recommendations
A monitoring report, developed by the Independent Journalism Center in Moldova, shows how media in the Republic of Moldova report on minority issues and diversity.  During a month, the authors assessed 10 media outlets, monitoring both the professional ethics of the journalists... more
Behind the Scenes of DoR Events: ‘People must see that there is no wall between journalists and readers’
In 10 years, ‘Decat o Revista’ (DoR) has become one of the most read publications in Romania. It became popular not only due to the essays, reports and portraits about people but also because of the events it organises in order to be closer to its... more
Over 40 Primary and Secondary School Teachers Are Trained by IJC to Guide their Pupils in Interacting with New Media
In the first half of August the Independent Journalism Center trained two groups of teachers from the Republic of Moldova on the subject of media literacy.
The Ministry Approved the Curriculum for ‘Education for Media’ Optional Subject for Upper Secondary Education
The curriculum for the Media Education optional subject for upper secondary education (grades X-XI) was approved by the National Curriculum Council of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research. The decision was made on 20 August 2019 at the Council’s meeting.
Media Azi: (Un)Seen Traps for the Audiovisual Media Services Code. Authorities’ Suggestions and Experts’ Solutions
On Wednesday, 21 August, the 2019-2020 Government’s Action Plan could be approved by the Government. Several mass-media law amendments were put forward in this document. The new government announced, for example, its intention to make amendments to the Audiovisual Media Services... more
IJC Monitoring Report: Reflecting Minorities and Diversity in the Media
The media in the Republic of Moldova do not pay enough attention to topics concerning minorities and diversity.
Media Azi: MP Adrian Lebedinschi, about New Changes in the Audiovisual and PSRM Media Properties
With the change of the Government, the issues of media returned into authorities’ focus. How do MPs see their resolution? Journalist Anastasia Nani discusses this topic with MP Adrian Lebedinschi,  Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Media... more
Media NGOs Demand Immediate and Unconditional Solving of the Issue of Restricting Media’s Access to Local Public Administration Meetings
Media NGOs express their concern about the decision of the new interim mayor, Adrian TALMACI, to prohibit media presence at the working... more