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Media NGOs Condemn the Languge of the Mayor of Balti Municipality in Relation to the Portal
Media NGOs condemn the language used by the mayor of Balti municipality, Renato Usatii in relation to the journalists of portal. On 22 February, in a post on his Facebook page, Renato Usatii called a media outlet ‘dirt factory’ that ‘will... more
Media NGOs Condemn the Intimidation of Albasat TV Team by the Management of Apa-Canal Nisporeni
Media NGOs express their concern and condemn the threat, harassment and intimidation of Albasat TV team, namely of the journalist Eugenia Sirbu, by the Chair of SA Apa-Canal Nisporeni, Ion Gangan, and by the lawyer of the institution Ion Arseni.... more
Media NGOs Condemn the Attitude of Deputy Mayor of Balti in Relation to the Journalists of Portal
Media NGOs condemn the behavior of the Deputy Mayor of Balti, Nicolai Grigorisin, who on Tuesday, January 21, refused to comment on a protest related to the management of the public budget at the... more
New Edition of the Mass Media in Moldova Magazine: On Concentration in the Audiovisual, lack of Protection of Journalists and the Hegemony of the Male Model in Communication
The December edition of Mass Media in Moldova magazine made a review of hot events that marked the domestic journalism during the second half of the previous year.
The Media NGO Ask MIA to Investigate the Intimidation of Journalists by Anonymous Individuals
Media NGOs are concerned about the actions of anonymous individuals who intimidate journalists and their editorial offices and ask the Ministry of Internal Affairs to identify these individuals and sanction them in accordance with the law in force. 
IJC Awarded the Journalists of the Year 2019
The Independent Journalism Centre (IJC) and the Press Freedom Committee awarded the best journalists and media institutions of the year 2019 at the 25th edition of the Annual Press Club Gala, organised on 19 December in Chisinau.
IJC Training: Reporters and Cameramen Learned How to Create Video ‘Stories’ as a Team
"The key of a video’s success is the relation between the reporters and cameramen." This sentence started the training ‘Reporter and cameraman – how to make a good team in the field’, organized by the Independent Journalism Center on 7-8 December 2019 at Chisinau. 18 cameramen,... more
VIDEO // 2019: The Year of Intimidations, Aggression and Wiretaps for Moldovan Journalists
A video that capture the main moments experienced by the journalists from the Republic of Moldova was broadcast during the 25th edition of the Annual Press Club Gala, organized last week in Chisinau by Independent Journalism Center (IJC) and the... more