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20 Journalists Attended the First Online Conference of the Ministry of Health and with Live Questions

01 May 2020
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On Friday, the 1st of May, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection held the first online press conference during which media representatives were able to ask questions online. The event took place after the Journalists’ Crisis Cell, set up by the Independent Journalism Center, sent repeated appeals to the authority on this matter. 

According to the communication adviser of the Ministry, Cristina Stratulat, the conference was attended by 20 journalists who managed to ask two questions each on the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, but also on other issues in the healthcare field. At the same time, the journalists were able to ask for clarifications in relation to the answers received. 

The conference lasted for about two and a half hours. Several health officials attended the event. 

‘We will continue to hold such conferences every week. We do not promise that they will have the same duration. We will provide weekly analyses of the epidemiological situation, and we will also be able to answer journalists’ questions. Considering the invitations we received, we know that many television broadcasters are waiting for us to attend their shows. Precisely because of the crisis situation and insufficient time, I was not able to honor these invitations. However, depending on the situation, we will try to accept them as much as possible and provide first-source information’ promised the Minister of Health, Viorica Dumbraveanu.

The conference was organized following repeated appeals filed by the Journalists’ Crisis Cell, set up by the Independent Journalism Center. Initially, a joint request to the Ministry, signed by 25 media organizations and outlets, was sent on 13 April. As a result of this request, the Ministry committed to holding extended format conferences once a week, which never happened. Previously, the Journalists’ Crisis Cell sent an appeal requesting the institution to observe its commitment towards the media. 

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