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Criticism of the Public TV Channel About How it Covered the Country’s Political Events: ‘What a great concert on Moldova 1!’. The answer of the administration: ‘This is not a natural disaster!’

11 June 2019
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On 10 June, member of the Broadcasting Council (BC) Olga Gututui requested to monitor the programs of Moldova 1 public broadcaster during 8 and 9 June as regards the coverage of the country’s political events.

They acted at their own initiative after various persons expressed their dissatisfaction on social networks with the way Moldova 1 public broadcaster covered the events that took place in the capital city on 8 and 9 June. ‘What a great concert on Moldova 1!’, ‘Moldova 1, don’t embarrass yourself’, wrote internet users noting that other TV channels broadcast live the public events, while the public television went on with the broadcasting grid.

Media researcher Victor Gotisan used the social networks to make fun of the channel’s broadcasting program.

Iulian Groza, Executive Director of the Institute for European Policies and Reforms, captured the moment when Moldova 1 was broadcasting concerts on 8 June.

Political analyst Andrei Popov was outraged to see the guests invited by Moldova 1 for its special edition show.


Executive Director of the Association of Independent Press, Petru Macovei, believes that the management of the channel must resign.

Asked by to comment on these statements, director of the public broadcaster, Ecaterina Stratan, rejected the accusations. In her opinion, those who think that Moldova 1 did not sufficiently cover the events most likely rushed to make conclusions. ‘They turn on Moldova 1 and saw the show “Evantai Folcloric” (folk show) and obviously said: That’s it, Moldova 1 play the “Swan Lake”! This is not a natural disaster... Yes, it happened... things happen, but there are special hours when we come up with information’, Ecaterina Stratan told us.  
The director of the public broadcaster added that Moldova 1, on Saturday, broadcast nine newscasts and three special editions on this topic, and on Sunday, beginning with 7 o'clock they broadcast news and special newscasts every hour. ‘We covered all the events: the briefing of Maia Sandu, of the President, of the Democratic Party’, states Ecaterina Stratan.
At the request of the BC member Olga Gututui, the broadcasting regulator will monitor the programs of Moldova 1 broadcast on 8 and 9 June. The authority will have to analyse the programs that were broadcast each hour in terms of respecting the obligations of the media services public provider.
The Press Communication Officer, Lia Gutu, informed us that the initiative of Olga Gututui was to be approved at the Secretariat and handed over to the Monitoring Department. According to Gutu, if the BC does not have the recordings of TV channel during those two days, the Department will request them from Moldova 1 channel.