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Electoral advertising on radio: How much presidential candidates will have to pay to be on air

22 September 2020
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Radio Noroc, Vocea Basarabiei, and Poli Disc - Novoye Radio are the radio stations that have so far announced the highest prices for broadcasting electoral advertising during the presidential campaign, according to the data published by the Broadcasting Council (BC) and the Central Electoral Commission (CEC).
Judging by the statements of media service providers, Radio Noroc has the highest prices for broadcasting an electoral spot – 125 euros for a minute. Vocea Basarabiei comes second, asking for 75 euros per minute of advertising. The third is Poli Disc - Novoye Radio with 64 euros per minute (depending on the time of broadcast, it also has offers with 54 and 34 euros per minute).

The price of the public station Radio Moldova Actualități and private station Retro FM is 60 euros, and the offer of Hit FM and Radio Plai is 10 euros cheaper.

Russkoye Lyubimoye asks for 40 euros per minute, Europa Plus Moldova – 38 euros, Love Radio – 35 euros, and Radio Chișinău – 30 euros per minute.

Six radio stations ask for 25 euros for one minute of electoral advertising – Radio Moldova Tineret, Aquarelle FM, Russkiy Hit, Radio 21, Orhei FM, and Avtoradio. Euronova FM set a price of 22 euros per minute.

The stations Maestro FM, Muz FM, Publika FM, Radio Zum, Radio Md, Radio One, and Diaspora FM are asking for 20 euros per minute for broadcasting the messages of electoral competitors. The smallest price for a minute of advertising was declared by Radio 911 (15 euros), Radio Alla (12 euros), and Radio Orhei.Info (7 euros).


Meanwhile, three television stations lowered prices for advertising during the electoral campaign for the presidential elections of November 1, 2020. Compared to the data originally posted on the CEC’s website, the information published by the BC later shows that Prime TV has halved the price – from 3,000 euros to 1,500 euros for one minute.

Canal 2 and Canal 3 also lowered the price for this service. The two stations initially declared they would ask for 800 euros per minute for broadcasting electoral advertising, and the price was lowered to 500 euros (Canal 2; Canal 3).