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The File of Wiretaps: The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office Refused to Initiate the Criminal Prosecution on the Basis of the Request Filed by Chiril Motpan

13 March 2020
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On March 5, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office (APO) issued an order whereby it refuses to initiate the criminal prosecution based on the request filed by MP Chiril Motpan regarding the alleged wiretapping of several journalists, public persons and representatives of the civil society. In an official answer for Media Azi, the prosecutors argued that the facts included in the request were not confirmed.

According to the prosecutor Ion Munteanu, the request filed by the former Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee for National Security, Defense and Public Order, Chiril Motpan, urged APO ‘to check the legality of the unlawful application of special investigation measures during 2015-2019 to certain public individuals, journalists and civil society representatives at the order of the former deputy of GPI, Gheorghe Cavcaliuc’.

The letter of APO, submitted after having examined the criminal proceeding, said that ‘the facts indicated in the request were not confirmed’.

Previously, the General Prosecutor’s Office announced that the prosecutors initiated five criminal cases and three criminal proceedings concerning the unlawful wiretapping of several journalists, politicians and other public individuals by the law enforcers, during 2017-2019. According to APO, four prosecutors and five investigation officers, including a head of subdivision of the National Inspectorate of Investigation of the GPI were targeted.