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Gold TV, 10 TV and Radio 7 Were Issued a Public Warning for Not Having Submitted Their Declarations on Election Campaign Coverage

04 January 2019
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At its first meeting in the new year, the Broadcasting Council (BC) issued public warnings to 10 TV, Gold TV and Radio 7 for not having submitted by the set deadline – 28 December 2018 – their declarations on the coverage of the election campaign for parliamentary elections and for the republican referendum of February 2019.

Between 29 December 2018 and 1 January 2019, the Broadcasting Council looked into 73 declarations (of which 18 were returned for completion, 16 were to be examined yet and 39 declarations arrived at the BC on 28 December 2018).
At the meeting of 2 January 2, 21 declarations were returned to the broadcasters to be completed and 52 were approved.

Note that according to the Broadcasting Council’s concept, the Declaration on the Election Campaign Editorial Policy needs to contain, among other things, the principles underpinning the coverage of the election campaign and of the republican referendum campaign; the conditions for scheduling paid/free airtime; the principle for scheduling and granting airtime; the order of and principles underpinning the organisation of election debates; they way records are kept of how much airtime is given to election contenders/participants; the list of elections-related TV shows, etc. 

According to the BC, so far, 110 of the 113 media services providers (58 television stations and 55 radio stations) operating on the territory on the Republic of Moldova, submitted such declarations already.