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IJC Will Select One International and One Local Expert in Production of Multimedia Materials

17 January 2019
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General description: The Independent Journalism Centre (IJC) is a non-governmental, non-commercial apolitical organization the organizational-legal form of which is ‘private institution’, that provides support to journalists and media institutions in the Republic of Moldova.

Goal: IJC announced that it is going to select one international and one local expert in the production of multimedia materials, under the ‘Strengthening the Independent Media in Europe and Eurasia’ project. The goal of the project is to increase citizens' access to reliable information about local, regional and international issues of public importance in the Balkans and Eurasia.

Tasks and responsibilities: The two experts will conduct a 3-day training for authors of multimedia packages and local project partners. The training will focus on using tools and techniques to create and present the content in an interactive, innovative and attractive format. 
After the training, the local partners will be assisted by the local expert in producing the materials. During the 2 years of the project, they will receive in-house consultations from the expert. 


  • Knowledge about the media in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Advanced knowledge in creating and using multimedia tools;
  • Experience in producing and promoting multimedia materials; 
  • A responsible attitude towards the commitments undertaken.
The files will contain:
  • CV of the candidate;
  • A portfolio with three examples of developed materials and multimedia tools;
  • Financial bid. 
The deadline for receiving the files is February 3, 2019. Send the files by email to