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The ISS Demands Blocking Two Other Websites Spreading Fake News about COVID-19 and Urges Citizens to Report Fake News

15 April 2021
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The Information and Security Service (ISS) has requested blocking such portals as and, identified as resources spreading fake news about the COVID-19 pandemic and prevention and protection measures. Since early April, when the state of emergency was announced, the ISS requested blocking four websites publishing fake materials. The order on suspending the activity of two more portals was signed on April 15.
According to the ISS, the above-mentioned portals published fake news on decisions allegedly taken by the authorities of certain European states. For instance, published a headline: “Official News! Romanians Who Oppose Vaccination Are Deported from Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, and Switzerland”. The ISS representatives explain that the content of the article does not match the title, and that the latter is formulated “to take advantage of readers’ curiosity to maximize the number of views.”
The website published an article titled “From May 1, No More Masks – Klaus Iohannis: It Is Allowed Not to Wear Protective Masks Anywhere...”. “It should be mentioned that the content of this fake article was taken from an article published in August 2020 and titled ‘Coronavirus:  Wearing Protective Masks Outdoors Is Mandatory’, its text is partially borrowed and adapted,” the ISS states.
In addition, the above resources spread other fake news not related to the COVID-19 issues.
The Information and Security Service has announced that fake news can be reported by filling a special blank.
On 1 April 2021, the Committee on Emergencies designated the ISS as the institution in charge of monitoring websites spreading fake news about COVID-19 during the state of emergency announced from April 1 to May 30, 2021.