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The Joy on Children’s Faces as They Receive Prizes from IJC for the Best Videos Created during Media Literacy Week

06 December 2019
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The Independent Journalism Center nominated the winners of the media literacy video contest, organized during the Media Literacy Week 2019. The award ceremony took place on Wednesday, November 13, in an atmosphere full of positive emotions. The students participating in the contest had their teachers and parents by their side, who were involved in the activities of the second edition of the Media Literacy Week and came to support them.

Before the results were announced, more than 70 students had the opportunity to meet the journalist Diana Railean, from the Radio Free Europe, who told them about her work as a journalist and the challenges of this profession. The children were keen to find out how a television reporter relieves camera anxiety, what a live broadcast is and how to interview a public person.

The contest was organized for two categories of students – the primary grades and the lower- and upper-secondary grades respectively. The participants had to make videos on the topics studied at the ‘Media Education’ classes. A total of 54 videos were submitted, four of which were awarded for creativity and ingenuity at the primary level, and five – at the lower- and upper-secondary levels. We invite you to watch the winning videos.

Primary School Level
The First Place. ‘E-book Vs the Printed Book?’ IV grade B, ‘N. V. Gogol’ High School, Chisinau mun.

The Second Place. ‘The show: News for Children’. III grade A, ‘Olimp’ Theoretical High School, Singerei.

The Third Place. ‘We learn and respect the rules’. IV grade A, ‘Mihai Eminescu’ Gymnasium, Orhei mun.

Honorable mention. ‘The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Social Networks’. Madalina Turcanu, IV grade C, ‘Mihai Eminescu’ Theoretical High School, Drochia town.

Lower- and Upper-Secondary School Level
The First Place. ‘Online Safety’. Iulia Vrabie and Tatiana Segova, XII grade A, ‘Liviu Deleanu’ Theoretical High School, Chisinau mun.

The Second Place. ‘Sextortion’. XI grade, ‘Onisifor Ghibu’ Theoretical High School, Chisinau mun.

The Third Place. ‘The Importance of Using Safe and Strong Passwords’. Alexandr Cotet and Artemii Zveaghin, VI grade, ‘Dimitrie Cantemir’ Theoretical High School, Chisinau mun.

Honorable mention. ‘What We Need to Know about Cyberbullying’. Iuliana Roșca, VIII grade, ‘Ion Luca Caragiale’ Gymnasium (majoring in performing arts).

Honorable mention. ‘Online Safety’. Loredana Angheluta, VIII grade, ‘Ion Luca Caragiale’ Gymnasium (majoring in performing arts).

Debates, public lessons, round tables, meetings with parents, poster and photo exhibitions and contests, games, quizzes, visits to editorial offices and museums, meetings with journalists – all these activities were organized during the second edition of the Media Literacy Week, held between 21 and 27 October 2019.

In these activities, that went beyond the Media Education curriculum, were involved about 1,500 students, 90 teachers and 470 parents. The activities were organized in 24 schools from Anenii Noi, Calarasi, Causeni, Cimislia, Hancesti, Falesti, Ocnita, Orhei, Sangerei, Soroca and Chisinau municipality.

Steluta Gutu, a third grade teacher at ‘Olimp’ Theoretical High School in Sangerei, managed to organize activities involving parents. “We played with them ‘The Lazy Ear’ game about information distortion, we used the ‘Bingo’ technique to explain the impact of the Internet on children, as well as the ‘Positive Thinking Umbrella’ technique, where parents had the opportunity to formulate arguments and counterarguments on various topics. I believe that parents are an important pillar in the development of children's critical thinking and should not be overlooked in the educational process. I think that the activities organized on the occasion of the Media Literacy Week have armed them with a better understanding of the media education”, shared her impressions with us Steluta Gutu.

Violeta Moraru, a teacher of Romanian language and literature at ‘Petru Zadnipru’ Theoretical High School in Chisinau, counted on the involvement of high school students. During the Media Literacy Week, they organized lessons for primary and secondary grades students. Viorelia Proca was one of the students who tried the shoes of a media education teacher. “I felt a great responsibility because I had to catch the attention of the students and make them aware of the dangers of the online environment and the risks they are exposed to. I think that addressing these topics in the lower-secondary grades is very important, because children are sensitive and unpleasant situations in the virtual environment have a negative impact on their emotional state. I am certain that educational institutions should help students to consciously navigate the cyberspace. It was a great honor to act in this role and I would like to come back in front of the students with more informational lessons about online safety,” says Viorelia, a student in the XI grade.

The Media Literacy Week was organized by the Independent Journalism Centre under the ‘Strengthening Freedom of Opinion in the Republic of Moldova’ Project, implemented by IJC, supported by Deutsche Welle Akademie and funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany.