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Media Azi Caricature – New Section on the IJC Portal

04 October 2019
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Today we launch a new section – Media Azi Caricature. Using this type of art, we would like to lighten things up a bit, so that we can see media reality from a different perspective. That is because the media sector has plenty of topics and subjects that can inspire caricaturists.

This time, the caricature is about chameleonism and, as you can see, the Broadcasting Council (BC) became the subject of satire, because it is believed to have changed colours a lot lately. 

We do not need to elaborate on this topic, because it has been discussed too much, at least in social media. That is why we leave it to the readers to decode what stands behind the two major colours – blue and red. At the same time, we leave it to the BC to understand what stands behind the function of a guarantor of public interest.