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Media Education Reaches Russian-Speaking Gymnasium Classes

21 September 2020
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A group of 15 Russian-speaking teachers working in schools in the north of the Republic of Moldova attended a workshop on media literacy organized by the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) online, on September 18-20.

The course was conducted by Natalia Griu, State Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Research, and Dumitru Stoianov, journalist and fact-checker.

To start the event, Oxana Iutes, Internews in Moldova representative, emphasized the importance of the Media Education optional course for young consumers. “I hope this workshop will help you, first and foremost, to distringuish between truthful information and disinformation, and as educators you will have the opportunity to share the information filtering skills with your pupils, their parents, and the community you belong to”, she said.

During the three days of training, the teachers developed their media and digital competencies and studied new innovative techniques and tools, preparing to teach Media Education to lower-secondary level pupils on the basis of the curriculum and textbook developed for this level.

Dumitru Stoianov helped participants understand and identify different types of disinformation techniques, and Natalia Griu, the author of the Media Education textbook, spoke about online safety and the dangers young people can encounter while browsing the Internet.

“Now I feel even more convinced of the need to address such issues as online safety, cyberbullying and disinformation in the educational process”, Svetlana Reus, biology teacher at Mihai Eminescu Theoretical Lyceum in Otaci, Ocnita District, said at the end of the workshop.

Her colleague, Valentina Turcan, started teaching Media Education to the pupils from Slobozia Chiscareni Gymnasium, Singerei District, in September 2020. “After three days of intense activity, I am better prepared to guide my pupils due to the textbook, teaching techniques, and interactive materials, which make our work easier”, the teacher mentioned.

To date, the IJC has trained 171 educators, 135 gymnasium teachers and 97 lyceum teachers. Media Education as an optional subject is taught in schools in the Republic of Moldova since 2017 and is included in the Framework Program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Research of the Republic of Moldova for all three levels of education – primary, gymnasium, and lyceum.

Media education workshop was organized by the Independent Journalism Center in partnership with Internews in Moldova within the project “Increasing Support for Independent Russian-Language Media and Efforts in the Sphere of Media Literacy”. The project is financially supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.