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Media Organizations Condemn the Pursuit of Editor-in-Chief and Demand Immediate Investigation by Competent Authorities

06 April 2017
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Media organizations are concerned about the statements of journalist Vladimir Soloviev that appeared on Wednesday, April 5, in his editorial “How Moldovan Journalists Are Spied On” on Russian-language portal, whose editor-in-chief he is. Soloviov argues that he had been spied on by an unknown car for a while, at the time when he was in a coffee shop or when he traveled by public transport, and he believes that this spying has direct connection with his work as a journalist.

We qualify this case as an act of persecution and serious infringement of the right of journalists to exercise their profession freely.

We shall recall that the rights of journalists in Moldova are protected by law. Article 20 of the Law on the Press stipulates that the State guarantees the defense of honor and dignity of a journalist and protects his health, life and property. Article 15 of the Broadcasting Code stipulates that competent public authorities ensure protection of journalists if they are subjected to pressure or threats that might hamper or restrict the free exercise of their profession. At the same time, the pursuit of a person, which caused to that person a state of anxiety, fear for his own safety or the safety of close relatives, is punishable under article 782 of the Contraventions Code.

We demand the Ministry of Interior and the Prosecutor General’s Office to quickly investigate the case and the Government to monitor the course of investigation. We demand that the results of the investigation be brought to the attention of the general public in the shortest time.

Independent Journalism Center
Association of Independent Press
“Acces-Info” Center
Electronic Press Association
Journalistic Investigations Center
Association of Independent TV Journalists