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Member of the Broadcasting Council, Dorina Curnic, Announced Her Resignation: ‘I Am Concerned that More TV Channels Will Be Closed’

05 September 2019
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On 5 September 2019, Dorina Curnic, member of the Broadcasting Council (BC), announced her resignation. She explained her decision by not being satisfied with the activity of the Council’s Chair. She also requested the resignation of the Council’s Chair, Dragos Vicol.

At the beginning of the public meeting, Dorina Curnic announced that, in her opinion, the situation within the Council worsened and that one of the reasons would be the ‘poor management’ of the BC Chair.

By resigning, she also expressed her disagreement with the previous decision of the BC regarding the resignation in corpore of Teleradio-Moldova Supervisory Board members.

Curnic also added that she was concerned about the fate of some TV channels. "I am concerned that more TV channels will be closed. Hence, as I said during the previous meeting, you, Mr. Vicol, need to resign", Dorina Curnic said.

Dragos Vicol refused to comment on Dorina Curnic’s statements, claiming 'ethical grounds'.

At the beginning of August, Dorina Curnic and another member of the Council, Veronica Cojocaru, asked Dragos Vicol to resign, accusing him of organising several meetings in a row so that he could dismiss Curnic for her failure to attend a number of meetings. Vicol denied the allegations.

According to the law, in case of a vacancy, BC Chair shall submit a notification to the specialised Parliamentary Committee within 5 working days from the date the position became vacant.

Note that on 19 July, the Prime Minister Maia Sandu came to the Council’s meeting to request all of its members to resign.