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Member of Parliament, Lilian Carp, Alerted the Prosecutor’s Office: Teleradio-Moldova Has Allegedly Favoured a Particular Company in the Security Services Procurements Procedure

22 August 2019
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MP Lilian Carp, representative of ACUM faction and Chair of the Parliamentary Woking Group Monitoring Mass-media Issues, announced on his Facebook account that he informed the Acting Prosecutor General, Dumitru Robu, about some violations in a procurement procedure at Teleradio-Moldova. As claimed by the MP, Teleradio-Moldova has allegedly favoured the Paramilitary Security Detachment SOE by introducing certain requirements in the Terms of Reference. In their turn the representatives of the SOE claimed that they observed the legal requirements for participation in the procurement procedure, while the conditions were established by the Ministry of Finance.
In his notification, Lilian Carp mentioned that on 9 January 2019, the Paramilitary Security Detachment SOE was the winner of the competitive bidding for security services, conducted by Teleradio-Moldova public institution. According to Carp, Teleradio-Moldova announced the competition on 1 December 2018, the deadline for making bids being set on 20 December 2018, but because of some errors, the competition was repeated on 21 December 2018, and then – on 9 January 2019.
‘Having looked into the Terms of Reference, I believe that by the way it looks, it favoured a particular entity, as some additional requirements were introduced, such as the one that the number of staff should be no smaller than 200, although Teleradio-Moldova needed up to 10 people for security.’ Lilian Carp explained.
Contacted by to comment on the allegations, Teleradio-Moldova  procurement officials did not answer to the many phone calls.
Four bidders participated in the competition: DVS SERVICE, the Paramilitary Security Detachment, Media Securitate Grup, MoIA Security Services SOE. In fact, the smallest bid in the final stage (without VAT) was the one made by DVS SERVICE (MDL 580,500) followed by the winning company – the Paramilitary Security Detachment (MDL 583,000). Media Securitate Grup asked for MDL 600,600, while MoIA Security Services SOE – MDL 770,880.
According to MTender, the agreement between the Detachment and Teleradio-Moldova was signed on 31 January 2019, for a year. Note that the Paramilitary Security Detachment has been winning the competitions for this service at Teleradio-Moldova for years in a row. In 2016, it won having bid MDL 597,538, in 2017 – MDL 570,960, while in 2018 the amount was MDL 722,700.
Trofim Balan, the Head of the Professional Training and Control Service at the Paramilitary Security Detachment, explained for that it participated legally in the competition. With regards to the imputation that the minim number of staff of 200 was introduced purposefully, he replied that, in fact, that was a standard number specified in the Order of the Ministry of Finance. ‘The 200 members of staff is a requirement of the Ministry of Finance, not of the business entity. This is what the standard documentation, approved by the ministry provides for. Thus, the ToR was developed in line with the requirements’, said Trofim Balan.
On the subject of having won the competitive biddings at Teleradio-Moldova for years in a row, Balan said that the Paramilitary Security Detachment made the best bid: ‘The focus was on price and the minimum number of 200 staff members. The minimum wage was supposed to be also as provided for in the Labour Code’, he explained.
Earlier, wrote that at the ‘Paramilitary Security Detachment’ paid an average wage of MDL 3330 last year.  Note that Vladimir Zmuncila, who became administrator of the Detachment in 2013, reported in his Declaration of Property filed with the NIA a yearly revenue of MDL 272,362 for last year, i.e. MDL 22 thousand a month.
The condition that there should be no less than 200 members of staff was established by Order No 160 of 26 December 2017, signed by the Minister of Finance in office at that time – Octavian Armasu, nominated by the democrats. The law entered into force on 26 January 2018.
Regarding the average salary, the document states that it ‘shall be no smaller than the minimum guaranteed amount in the real sector, plus 30%.’
In his turn, the Financial Officer of DVS SERVICE – Vladislav Olari, who participated in the competitive bidding as well, maintains that he was never informed why they lost, although he asked for this information. Olari does not understand the requirement to have at least 200 staff members either: ‘Why would they demand having 200 people on staff if for those premises they do not need more than 10 people? This, in fact, is the trade secret of the company. All I have to do is provide them quality services.’ said Vladislav Olari. He added also that he brought up the matter of the 200 people requirement with the Competition Council, but never received an answer as well.
Remember that in July 2019, the MPs of the Parliamentary Committee for Mass-media demanded that the Chairperson of Teleradio-Moldova – Olga Bordeianu, the Director of Moldova 1 – Ecaterina Stratan and the Chair of the Supervisory Board – Nicolae Spataru be dismissed. According to the Committee members, Olga Bordeianu and Ecaterina Stratan ineffectively managed public money, and would have turned the public station into a party television, while Olga Bordeianu would have committed a number violations when hiring and firing employees. The management of Teleradio-Moldova negated the allegations of MPs and refused to resign.