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Photojournalist Constantin Grigorita Protested in front of the State Residence

12 December 2017
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The photojournalist Constantin Grigorita was not allowed to attend the conference of the Moldovan President Igor Dodon, again. He protested alone in front of the State Residence on the day of the conference, December 12, against the attitude of the presidential administration, which did not allow him to participate in the events organized by this institution.

Asked by a PRO TV Chişinău  journalist why the photo reporter is not allowed to participate in the events organized by the presidential administration, Igor Dodon replied that he is not responsible for granting accreditation.

Initially, Constantin Grigorita expressed indignation on social networks. According to him, the presidential administration introduced new rules for attending the conferences with the participation of the president, requiring separate accreditation for every such conference. In support of these statements, Grigorita published a print screen of a press release sent to journalists by the Presidential Administration Press Service, announcing that journalists wishing to attend the December 12 conference should submit accreditation requests.

The press release could not be found on the website of the presidential administration, but a similar announcement appeared on President Dodon’s Facebook page.

Carmena Lupei, senior consultant of the Presidential Administration Press Service, also said for that the additional accreditation procedure for such large-scale events is practiced all over the world.

We should point out that Constantin Grigorita filed a lawsuit against the presidential administration and President Dodon for restricting access to information.