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The Prosecutor’s Office Initiated Five Criminal Cases on the Wiretapping of Journalists and Politicians

03 March 2020
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The prosecutors initiated five criminal cases and three criminal proceedings concerning the unlawful wiretapping of several journalists, politicians and other public individuals by law enforcers, during 2017-2019. According to the General Prosecutor’s Office (GPO), four prosecutors and five investigation officers, including a head of subdivision of the National Inspectorate of Investigation of the GPI were concerned in the case.

In the official press release, the institution mentioned that the investigation entitled ‘The Ministry of Wiretapping’, which was published by RISE Moldova and which revealed that 52 individuals, including politicians, civil society representatives, and even journalists were targeted by prosecutors and police officers who would have allegedly wiretapped their phones and monitored their private life, came to the attention of the GPO. "As a result, it was found that these files were managed by the General Criminal Prosecuting Division under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office for Combating Organized Crime and Special Causes", stated the Prosecutor’s Office.

Besides the initiated cases, 13 disciplinary procedures were initiated against seven prosecutors and the information was sent for examination to the Disciplinary Board of the Superior Council of Prosecutors.

According to the GP, 2812 cases of wiretapping were registered in 2019, 1116 less than in 2018.