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The regulation for organizing the selection of candidates for the position of member in the BC has been approved

09 September 2021
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At the meeting of September 9, the Commission on Culture, Education, Research, Youth, Sport, and the Media approved the Regulation for organizing the competition to select candidates among those proposed by public entities and civil society organizations for the positions of member in the Broadcasting Council (BC).

According to this document, the head of the Commission will ask public entities to nominate two candidates for each vacant position of BC member and will announce a competition for those proposed by civil society organizations. Following the competition, they will announce the names of those who will be proposed to the Parliament to be appointed as members of the BC.

The competition process has several stages, including the examination of the candidates’ files and an interview.

In the end, the Commission will present to the Parliament a draft decision nominating the candidates who obtained the highest scores in the competition.

Previously, the head of the Commission, Liliana Nicolaescu-Onofrei, told Media Azi that at the beginning of the regular autumn session, which starts on September 1, the parliamentary commission for the media was to approve a new regulation for selecting three members of the BC. The new members were to take the seats of Dragoș Vicol, Ion Robu, and Artur Cozma, whose mandates expired in April and who currently are interim members of the BC.

Also at the beginning of September, several MPs from the Action and Solidarity Party registered a draft law through which they want to give the Parliament the right to dismiss BC members based on a report of the Commission and in case of finding improper performance or non-performance of their obligations, prerogatives, or duties.