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Several TV stations penalized by the BC for insufficiency of local audiovisual programs

14 September 2020
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The Broadcasting Council (BC) issued a public warning to three television stations for the insufficiency or lack of local audiovisual programs in Romanian. Another station was fined 5,000 lei because it did not dub films into Romanian. The penalties were applied at the meeting on September 11.

The BC’s monitors found that, between July 17 and 23, local programs in Romanian on the ITV television station made up less than 80%, and those broadcast in prime time made less than 75%, as provided by law. The N4 television station did not broadcast enough local audiovisual programs in Romanian, either.

On the other hand, the local station NTS from Taraclia did not have any programs in Romanian during the monitored period, and the share of local audiovisual programs broadcast in prime time was less than 75%, too. NTS broadcasts in the region where the Bulgarian community is the majority of population, which means that the media service provider has the obligation to broadcast at least 25% local audiovisual programs in Romanian, as well as its own audiovisual programs in the language of the respective minority.

All three televisions were penalized with a public warning.

At the same meeting, the station Bravo TV was fined 5,000 lei because animated cartoons for children were not dubbed in Romanian, except for one production. Bravo TV was previously monitored in this regard, too.