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Socialists Expand Their Media Holding. A PSRM Municipal Councilor Obtained a Broadcasting License and Four Radio Frequencies for Drive FM Station

25 June 2021
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Lux GSM, a company founded and managed by Serghei Basiuc-Brinzei, a member and councilor of Chisinau Municipality from the Party of Socialists (PSRM), obtained a broadcasting license for Drive FM, a new radio station, during the public meeting of the Broadcasting Council (CA) on June 24. On the same day, Drive FM was appointed the winner of four radio frequencies from different districts of the country, and Hit FM and Jurnal FM won one frequency each in the contest organized by the Board.

Following the contests for the use of available radio frequencies, the BC members selected three radio stations as the winners. Drive FM participated in the contest for the first time and was chosen for four frequencies: 97.0 MHz (Taraclia), 104.8 MHz (Causeni), 97.0 MHz (Nisporeni), and 106.0 MHz (Floresti); Hit FM won the frequency 98.1 MHz (Soldanesti), and Jurnal FM obtained the frequency 88.8 MHz (Nisporeni). During the voting procedure, none of the two contenders (radio Rekord and radio Cultura Divina) gathered the required number of votes, the radio frequency 89.8 MHz (Stefan-Voda) will be repeatedly offered for the contest.

During the meeting, the members of the Council had a telephone conversation only with the representatives of Drive FM radio station, the new broadcasting institution. Drive FM representative, without introducing himself, mentioned that they intended to broadcast several authorial programs and provide objective information to the audience.

The BC member Corneliu Mihalache asked where Drive FM headquarters would be located, but the interlocutor told him that he could not hear the question. After that, the call was interrupted.


According to the editorial project filed to the BC, Drive FM will broadcast the programs on air, and the media service format will be general. The radio team claims it will have 91.85% of its own products, and the percentage reserved for European works provided by the supplier will amount to 88.68%. According to the media service structure, informative and analytical programs will account for 3.17%, musical programs for 20.83%, and for other types of programs for 67.85%. A total of 8.15% of the airtime is reserved for advertising and promotion.

Drive FM representatives claim that the station is intended for “modern and optimistic people” and would start operating within six months from receiving the license. According to the documents submitted to the BC, Drive FM has all the equipment required for broadcasting services. The provider’s business plan stipulates that the activity of the radio station will be mainly financed “from the financial sources of its founder, Lux GSM SRL.” The other sources of funding include amounts obtained from the specific activities of the station, advertising, sponsorship, broadcasting programs, founders’ investments during the activity of the station, obtaining grants, or other sources.

According to the public data and documents filed to the BC, Lux GSM director and administrator is Serghei Basiuc-Brinzei. The company is listed in the declaration of personal wealth and interests, submitted to the National Authority for Incorruptibility by the municipal councilor. According to the same document, Serghei Basiuc-Brinzei is a member of the Socialist Party and a member of the PSRM Republican Council.

Serghei Basiuc-Brinzei was reluctant to discuss this issue with Media Azi. He interrupted the phone call and did not answer repeated calls.