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The Supervisory Board of TRM wants more transparency. The heads of Teleradio-Moldova to present monthly activity reports

21 July 2021
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The administration of the public company Teleradio-Moldova (TRM), including the heads of services and departments, could be required to submit monthly activity reports to the Supervisory Board (SB) of TRM. The SB made this decision at the meeting on July 16, but the issue is to be re-examined at one of the forthcoming meetings.

The proposal for the TRM administration to report monthly to the SB came from the SB member Alexandru Verșinin. “I think we should be much more active and I propose to make a decision in order to improve transparency and optimize internal processes. It is proposed that the entire management of Teleradio-Moldova and the heads of departments, services and newsrooms should present activity reports and an action plan for each month, in writing, to the members of the Supervisory Board, by the last Friday of every month,” Alexandru Verșinin said.

He noted that the general manager and the directors of radio and television should be responsible for the process, and the rapporteurs should be the heads of all services and departments.

The head of TRM’s SB, Violeta Cojocaru, suggested postponing the examination of the proposal, because TRM managers were not present at the meeting. “It is neither fair nor collegial to the entire TRM leadership,” she said.

Violeta Cojocaru added that those proposals exceed the duties of the Supervisory Board and that, “in this case, we should reach a common denominator with the management so that they are not pressured either, because this is not our goal, but also for reports to be qualitative.” She expressed concern that the TRM administration might not cooperate with the SB. “I think it is an incorrect decision and it pressures to report the people who have to create, but not to report. Our written list of duties clearly says what we have to do,” Violeta Cojocaru said.

Alexandru Verșinin insisted that the initiative be put to the vote. Four SB members voted in support of the proposal – Alexandru Verșinin, Dumitru Roibu, Victor Borșevici, and Larisa Călugăru. Violeta Cojocaru, Daniela Mițelea, and Tatiana Munteanu were against. The meeting took place in the presence of seven members of the SB. Ian Mihailevschi, recently elected, has not yet appeared at SB meetings.

The decision has not yet appeared on the TRM website, where all SB decisions are usually placed. Tatiana Munteanu, the secretary of TRM’s SB, told Media Azi that the decision was not published because SB members might return to Alexandru Verșinin’s proposal at one of the next meetings. “I think that the SB members should resume this discussion, because reports are also very different – they are synthetic, more detailed,” she said.