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Tiraspol introduces Internet censorship

06 August 2014
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Head of the Tiraspol administration Yevgeny Shevchuk issued a decree obliging Internet providers to block, at the request of special services, the websites containing extremist materials.
Separatist authorities are seeking to thus combat displays of extremism that endanger the security and integrity of the self-proclaimed republic.
The decree signed by the Transnistrian leader was published on the website of the so-called presidential administration. According to the document, public authorities, organizations and even simple citizens are obliged to inform the region’s security committee about all cases identified in information systems, including the Internet, which might be qualified as extremist acts or information.
The document also says that such information will be received and analyzed by a special council of experts. After examining the information, in case extremist materials are found, the council will send its decision to the local prosecutor’s office. The latter, through the service of communication and information, will demand local providers to block users’ access to materials or even websites with such content.
A member of the so-called Transnistrian parliament, Dmitry Soin, leader of an opposition party in the region, criticized the decision of his page in Facebook. He claims that the decree introduces Internet censorship and compared it with a decision that would be appropriate for North Korea.
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