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TV Plus, a New TV Channel, Will Appear in Moldova

22 January 2021
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A new general format TV channel has obtained a license from the Broadcasting Council (BC), with eight votes for and one vote against. The channel will be called TV Plus and broadcast through the networks of the domestic service distributors. The company holding the broadcasting license for the channel, TV Entertainment Plus, was registered a month ago.

The administrator and founder of TV Entertainment Plus is Alexandr Furmanov, and the company was registered on December 23, 2020.

The application was examined rapidly compared to previous examinations of the BC members in relation to new stakeholders in the broadcasting market. Alexandr Furmanov mentioned during the meeting, by phone, that the channel would broadcast its own movies, series, and programs, and it was positioned as a channel complying with the current requirements of the viewers. “The basic theme of TV Plus is reflecting social and economic life in the Republic of Moldova and producing informative, analytical, and entertaining programs,” Alexandr Furmanov said.

He intended to continue presenting the project, but was interrupted by the president of the Council, Ala Ursu-Antoci, who replied that the BC members of the Board “had the project in front of them.” “This is a new service provider on the market. From the documents presented to us, I can tell you that they are absolutely fine. (...) I believe that this project must exist, in my opinion. At least, I see no legal impediment to this project,” Ala Ursu-Antoci said.

Her colleague, Lidia Viziru, added that it was a “typical project.” “I cannot say it is a special one, but it has the right to exist because of free competition,” Lidia Viziru said.

The only board member who voted against the project was Corneliu Mihalache: “We have a lot of TV channels of this type in the Republic of Moldova. This is another niche channel. I understand that legal impediments may not be encountered here, but as an authority we must still have a certain position when new TV channels emerge.”